Demonstration projects

EcoProducts baobab seed oil & powder project

EcoProducts purchases Baobab fruit from rural communities. The fruit is processed in their factory in Makhado to extract Baobab powder and Baobab oil. The extracts are packaged and sold to retail stores, in bulk to local and international manufacturers of food and cosmetic products. Since 2005, income generated has brought economic benefits to the lives of over 1200 women in the VBR (Figure 48). The EcoProducts Foundation allows benefits to flow directly to the care for the ancient Baobab trees and to the lives of the people, predominantly, women and children, who live around them.


Baobab guardians in traditional Venda attire with Dr Sarah Venter, owner of EcoProducts

Further examples of Biosphere demonstartion projects in the VBR include:

​            ​


  • Dzomo la Mupo – with a focus on empowering women and propagating indigenous plants and trees, developing homebased nurseries for knowledge to be transferred to family and children


  • Green Farms –  commercial farmers using natural pest control in the Levubu Valley in some Macadamia orchards ; and,


  • A proposed establishment of the Vhembe Centre for Sustainable Development and Education.